Merry Secretary DTF Transfer

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Colors will vary from monitor to actual print. Neon colors will not be neon. DTF prints will not match screen print transfers. 

Preheat press to 325 degrees.  Cover transfer with teflon sheet, press for 15-20 seconds. Medium to heavy pressure.  Let transfer cool (can be peeled lukewarm, but not hot).  Peel from the bottom left corner in the up direction.  Cover again with teflon sheet and press again for 15 seconds.  

Care instructions: Wash inside out with cool/cold water.  Low or no heat dry.  No fabric softener. 

Screen Print Instructions

Screen Print Pressing Instructions
*Cricut Easy Press, HTVRont Press, and Household Irons WILL NOT WORK FOR TRANSFERS!
HIGH HEAT TRANSFERS (smooth feel): Pre-press Garment. Press at 365°F. Press for 7 - 9 seconds with VERY HEAVY pressure (maximum your machine will allow) Do not use a teflon sheet between heat platen and transfer paper. Peel Hot.
​​​​CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash inside out preferable in cold water, and dry with low or no heat, or hang to dry. NO FABRIC SOFTENER! Do not wash or stretch garment for 24-48 hours after pressing.
*Make sure you over look every transfer before you press it for excess ink, stains, or blemishes. Once you press the transfer onto the shirt we are not responsible.
*We can not guarantee any heat transfers washability due to the fact there is no way to prove our product was applied and washed properly according to our recommended guidelines
*You have 72 hours from time you receive to let us know if any of your items are damaged or incorrect*