Leatherette shirt patch

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These are a leatherette material.  These are applied using a heat press. 

Care instructions: Wash inside out in cold water. DO NOT DRY IN THE DRYER.  Air dry only.  

Preheat press to 318-325 degrees. Cover with parchment or Teflon. Press for 18-20 seconds.  Check that all corners are adhered properly.  If not, press again for 5-10 more seconds.  Turn your shirt inside out and press the back side of the patch to insure adhesion.  

Screen Print Instructions

Screen Print Pressing Instructions
*Cricut Easy Press, HTVRont Press, and Household Irons WILL NOT WORK FOR TRANSFERS!
HIGH HEAT TRANSFERS (smooth feel): Pre-press Garment. Press at 365°F. Press for 7 - 9 seconds with VERY HEAVY pressure (maximum your machine will allow) Do not use a teflon sheet between heat platen and transfer paper. Peel Hot.
​​​​CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash inside out preferable in cold water, and dry with low or no heat, or hang to dry. NO FABRIC SOFTENER! Do not wash or stretch garment for 24-48 hours after pressing.
*Make sure you over look every transfer before you press it for excess ink, stains, or blemishes. Once you press the transfer onto the shirt we are not responsible.
*We can not guarantee any heat transfers washability due to the fact there is no way to prove our product was applied and washed properly according to our recommended guidelines
*You have 72 hours from time you receive to let us know if any of your items are damaged or incorrect*