Life is Better on the Road Sublimation Transfer

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Sublimation Transfers
-Sublimation Transfer are printed and ready to be pressed with a heat press. 
-Sublimation transfers works by dying the fabric and will not leave a texture or raised surface. They do not ever crack or peel. These are NOT Vinyl!!
-These MUST be pressed on a minimum of 50% polyester blend. 100% polyester works the best to get the most vibrant colors. Anything less than 60% polyester will have a vintage or faded look.
-*You must have a heat press in order for the sublimation transfers to work.
- The shirt/fabric must be a light colored fabric. NO BLACK fabric. It will not show up! 
-These transfers will not print white! If there is any white in the the image it will become the color of the shirt you put the transfer on.
-The colors on the listing may differ from colors on transfer.
*Transfers come with detailed instructions for use and a list of shirts I recommend and do not recommend using for sublimation. 
Sizing Suggestions:
Sheet Of 9 3.5”x3.5”- Mugs, Pockets, Koozies 
Infant Shirts or Towels- Approx 6x6
Toddler Shirt- Approx 8x8
Youth Shirts, Adult XS & Small Shirts- Approx 10x10
Adult Medium- Approx 11x11
Adult Large & Up- Approx 12x12
*These are just suggestions and sizing is based on your personal preference of how big you want the design on the shirt. If you are unsure you need to measure before ordering! 
*Designs are proportionally sized by the longest side to look the best.
If you need have to have an item before a certain date then please message me and you can pay for guaranteed shipping. I have no control over USPS or the weather so if you do not receive an item when you need it there will be no returns.
**There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on any transfers! I am not responsible for transfers that are not pressed onto correct garment type or not pressed correctly. Please make sure you are using the right color and material garment before you start assuming that the transfers are not good quality. All transfers come with full detailed instructions that must be followed in order for the transfer to work properly! In the event you feel your transfer is defective, send me a message with a picture and I will be glad to help to get it resolved. If you message me and tell me you ripped your transfer and there are not any known issues with a roll of vinyl I will not replace. The vinyl has to be peeled away slowly and you will not tear it.
Bulk/Wholesale Pricing-If you purchase 20 or more Transfers use the code BULKORDER and you will receive 20% off your order. 
If you purchase 50 or more Transfers use the code 30OFF50 to receive 30% off your order. 


Screen Print Instructions

Screen Print Pressing Instructions
*Cricut Easy Press, HTVRont Press, and Household Irons WILL NOT WORK FOR TRANSFERS!
HIGH HEAT TRANSFERS (smooth feel): Pre-press Garment. Press at 365°F. Press for 7 - 9 seconds with VERY HEAVY pressure (maximum your machine will allow) Do not use a teflon sheet between heat platen and transfer paper. Peel Hot.
​​​​CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash inside out preferable in cold water, and dry with low or no heat, or hang to dry. NO FABRIC SOFTENER! Do not wash or stretch garment for 24-48 hours after pressing.
*Make sure you over look every transfer before you press it for excess ink, stains, or blemishes. Once you press the transfer onto the shirt we are not responsible.
*We can not guarantee any heat transfers washability due to the fact there is no way to prove our product was applied and washed properly according to our recommended guidelines
*You have 72 hours from time you receive to let us know if any of your items are damaged or incorrect*